The sleepy redwood forests of Santa Rosa, California got a rude wake up call when Richie Lucov and Jake Bragonier found in one another a love of precision sound design and fist-pumping bass anthems. The two-headed beast Xotix threads the needle of making the front row headbang, while the artists in the back of the room nod in approval. To that end, Lucov and Bragonier have landed tracks and EPs on Wormhole Music Group, Wubaholics, Spicy Bois, Bassrush, Sleeveless Records, and Excision’s Subsidia imprint along with Dirt Monkey’s 19k.

With the pedigree and listenership of acts that have been around twice as long, Xotix have burst out of the pandemic with a renewed focus on touring and releasing music, with high-profile collabs and even higher-caliber showcases, festivals, and tours planned for 2022. From a gorgeous NorCal hamlet to sweaty clubs to summer stages under the spotlights, the Xotix boiz are coming.