Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Bass



Press Kit

Fueled by the pain and beauty of all that life has to offer, Sharlitz Web enters the scene to influence the spread of deeper love through deeper venomous freakquencies. Tangling listeners into her web of liquid basses, dark melodies, and hybrid beats, Sharlitz Web transforms low, heartfelt frequencies into supernatural vibrations.

To step into her artistic identity, Sharlitz Web channeled the person she loved the most as an ode to her spirit: Sharlitz Web tragically lost her best friend and little sister, Charlotte. But like a phoenix, she rose up from the ashes and used her pain as inspiration for her musical identity — thus, Sharlitz Web was born. Calling upon her early musical talents playing the flute and experimenting with sounds across the genre spectrum, Sharlitz Web brings a fresh perspective to electronic music.

Once you’re caught in Sharlitz Web, you’ll never want to escape. The enigmatic producer has established herself through searing original productions like “7 sins” and “deep dreams,” conjuring a haunting atmosphere through nothing but her own deep, dark soul. Representing the next generation of bass music, Sharlitz Web wears the crown of her twisted, beautiful spider web — enter if you dare.