Hometown: Portland, OR
Genre: Redrum



Press Kit

Tatiana Tindall was born into her love of music with a father who was a composer, musician, and DJ. As a child, she found meaning in dance, and while she loved music, she was unsure about finding a career there until her teenage years.

At 17, Tindall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was forced to quit dancing due to bone and muscle damage sustained from chemotherapy. Distraught and depressed, she sought and found a new creative outlet in music production: REDRUM.

Inspired by Stephen King’s concept of “The Shining,” the Portland-based artist curates bewitching music to help her listeners find their inner magic. REDRUM’s ethereal sounds are featured on Subsidia’s Dawn: Vol. 2 and Electric Hawk’s In Unity compilation album. She has captivated in-home crowds on lineups including Electric Hawk’s Harmony Virtual Music Festival and In Unity Livestream, Wormhole Entertainment’s weekly Wormhole Wednesday, and Nova Lotus Music’s NovaVita live stream. REDRUM is quickly gaining notoriety in the bass music community, with support from several publications including EDM.com, Electric Hawk, FUXWITHIT, EDMIdentity, and HeardItHereFirst.

With talent that is obvious and ever-growing, REDRUM’s forthcoming EP on Liquid Stranger’s Sskwan label is set to enchant the masses. 2021 is the year of the witch, and that witch is called REDRUM.